Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Pictures from South Dakota

These are pictures that Alan took...that's why they're mostly of me. :)

From an observation deck at the Badlands.

See the shadow of the two people...that's us! :)

At the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Me, after "falling" across the room at The Cosmos.

At the Reptile Gardens.

Yep, Sourpuss Ros! This was also at the Reptile Gardens.

Bear Country U.S.A.

Alan and me with Devils Tower in the background.

Me at Devils Tower.

Thanks, Alan!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trip to South Dakota

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Alan and I took a trip to South Dakota. It was my first time to South Dakota. We also made a trip to Devils Tower in Wyoming, which was also my first time to Wyoming. It was a great trip! I had a wonderful time, even if I did end up with a few boo-boos. :)

Here are some pictures...

Our first stop was the Corn Palace in Mitchell. I can now say I've been there, and I don't have to go there again. :)

Next we drove through the Badlands. Amazing!
After driving through the Badlands, we made a stop at Wall Drug (after all the signs, I was ready to see what the hype was my opinion, it didn't live up to it).

Since Friday was spent driving, we really began sightseeing on Saturday. Our first stop was Crazy Horse.

Next was Mount Rushmore. We didn't actually go in until later that night, but I was able to get some good shots from the road. I didn't take any pictures that night because it began raining!

I had heard about The Cosmos on the Travel Channel awhile ago, and then my sister reminded me of it. So I had Alan stop there. Warning: If you are a bit clumsy, be careful!

This is what happens if you aren't careful!

A drive through Bear Country USA led to this picture of a bear relaxing before I grabbed Alan's video camera.

On Sunday we drove to Devils Tower. Aww...see Alan in the bottom of the picture? :)

One of our last sights was the Thunderhead Underground Falls. This, of course, is not underground. My pictures of the falls underground were not all that good because of the lack of light.

I loved our trip! Can't wait to go out West this summer!!!!! Any ideas on what to see in Colorado (or on the way there)? Let me know!