Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bang! Bang!

I've been shot!!!!! Ok, so maybe not in that sense. I went and got my flu shot today. Of course when I got dressed this morning I wasn't thinking about the flu shot...I was thinking about warmth. So when I tried to push up my sleeve, the stitching right at the wrist area wouldn't budge up much past my elbow. Luckily for me, the shirt I was wearing had a few buttons down the front, so I just slipped my shoulder out. Yep, there I was showing everyone skin! lol

Now that I've been shot, I know how John feels. He was shot yesterday. I hope the crumminess won't last too long! I was getting a little warm right after the shot, but that's gotten better. I just have a case of the blahs now. At least I have something to think about that I'm looking forward to that will keep my mind busy! It's gonna be a great day on Saturday! :D

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