Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It's a little tough cooking for one! This past weekend I made some chili from a new recipe. I ended up freezing half of it for later. I had just the chili for one meal, then a chili dog for another meal, last night was chili over macaroni, and I'll have the same for lunch today. Yeah, I think it's good that I froze the rest!

This weekend I also made a chicken & broccoli casserole. I ate that for two meals, and then froze the other half. I've actually been cooking more...and not just frozen pizza, frozen egg rolls, etc. like I used to when I was with the ex. I think I was just so tired of not feeling appreciated that I just took the easy way out! I want to feel better about myself, so I think that by making things that aren't just "open the box, heat, and serve", I can plan for healthier dinner options. And that along with taking Bea for our daily walk(s) will hopefully help me get on track.

Speaking of walks, last night Bea & I went out for a walk when I got home (before the rain came). She is doing so well with not pulling as much on her leash, and pottying outside (although if she does inside, she goes on her puppy pad). Anyway, she was just about to do #2, when she heard a kid yell. Of course she was distracted and that ended that. Luckily she finally went about a block from home...right on the sidewalk! I picked it up...yes, I'm one of the responsible pet owners that just doesn't leave it for others to step in...and disposed of it back at home. If only she would do that all the time! :) I know...eventually she will. Tonight she'll be in heaven...we get to go to Ayden & Ayv's football games. Bea loves going so she can run around!

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