Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Time in the Kitchen

I made a couple different recipes this weekend...and did some easy baking, too. Yesterday I made creamed chicken over homemade biscuits. I'll be putting the recipes on my other blog, so go there to check them out. Sorry that I didn't take any pictures. :(

Today I tried to use up some odds & ends in the fridge. For breakfast was biscuits, an omelet, and some leftover bacon. Lunch was leftover creamed chicken and biscuits. For supper I wanted to use up some peppers before they go bad, so I looked through the fridge and found some veggies, some leftover chicken, and toasted sesame Asian salad dressing. Stir-fry! It was tasty! That's what I'll have tomorrow. Looks like leftovers for a couple more days!

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