Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Gift Ideas (for Me and Bea!)


18" x 24" pet mattress for her bed (the one that came with it is so flimsy that her feet want to go right through the grate, so she would like a thicker, more sturdy one) (I found one and bought it for her already!)




KitchenAid BeaterBlade+ (for a tilt mixer) at Cooks Emporium for $24.95 (Go to this site to see what it looks like)

Pastry Board with cover (available at Cooks Emporium)

Rolling Pin Sleeve

Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer (like Dad's)


Rox said...

Okay...maybe you should just edit that one post so you don't come across as greedy. :) Glad you posted some items under $100!

Ros said...

I'm just making sure I give plenty of ideas...I'm not expecting them ALL! :)